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Personal Amplifier Accessories

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  • Cleaning Wipes

    Cleaning Wipes

    20 pairs of cleaning wipes for your iHEAR device and tips

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  • iHEAR 312 Batteries

    iHEAR 312 Batteries

    Contains 6 batteries for powering TRēO for up to 2 months. Each battery lasts up to 12 days depending on daily use. Turning the TRēO OFF when not in use is important to prolong battery life. Two-month supply included with purchase of the TRēO.

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  • iHEARtips


    Packs contain 2 iHEARtips (domes). Each tip provides a secure and comfortable fit in your ear and pre­vents feedback (whistling). 1-month supply of assorted sizes included with your TRēO purchase.

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  • ihear sport lock

    iHEAR Sport Lock

    The iHEAR Sport Lock adds extra support to your hearing amplifier. This helps keep the TRēO from coming out of your ear, and also assists in making the TRēO easier to remove. Included with purchase of the TRēO device.

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4 Item(s)

per page