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iHEARhd Accessories

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  • iHEARhd Battery Module Pack

    iHEARhd Battery Module Pack

    The iHEARhd Battery Module Pack contains 3 battery modules for powering the iHEARhd for up to 1 month. Each HD Battery Module lasts up to 8 days depending on daily use. The HD Battery Module is specially designed to maintain reliable and dependable operation of the iHEARhd by filtering earwax and moisture in the ear.

    1 Battery Module Pack (1-month supply) is included with your iHEARhd purchase. 

    Due to a high volume of orders, the shipping time for iHEARhd batteries is approximately 2 weeks.


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  • iHEARhd Programming Kit

    iHEARhd Programming Kit

    The iHEARhd Programming Kit is an available upgrade option to customize device settings at home and consists of:

      1. iHEARhd Programming Cable 
      2. iHEARusb
      3. Travel Case 

    iHEARhd Programming Cable only compatible with the iHEARhd device. 

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  • iHEARhd Comfort Tip Pack

    iHEARhd Comfort Tip Pack

    The HD Comfort Tip Pack contains 2 Comfort Tips. The Comfort Tip provides secure and comfortable fit in your ear, and prevents feedback (whistling). You will need to select the correct size for your ear. The HD Comfort Tip needs to be replaced every 30 days for best performance and hygiene.

    1-month supply of comfort tips in all sizes included with your iHEARhd purchase. Try on the various tip sizes to determine which size fits you best before ordering more tips. 

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  • Cleaning Wipes

    Cleaning Wipes

    20 pairs of cleaning wipes for your iHEAR device and tips

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  • iHEARhd Programming Cable (Replacement)

    iHEARhd Programming Cable (Replacement)

    The iHEARhd Programming Cable is included in the Programming Kit but replacement is available for $49. The iHEARhd Programming cable is durable and designed for about 20 cycles if properly used as per the instructions.

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5 Item(s)

per page